Toyota Issues Another Recall

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Toyota has had a hard couple of months in light of their massive set of recalls. Wednesday they announced yet another recall of 50,000 Toyota Sequoia SUVs. The Japanese car maker said the vehicle had issues with the electronic stability system.

In the latest recall, Toyota said the electronic stability-control system in the Sequoias may not activate as quickly as a driver expects at low speeds. Toyota said there have been no reported injuries or accidents.

Under the recall, Toyota will replace the engine-control computer to correct the problem, which was identified in 2003 among the first batch of the vehicles produced that year.

Toyota subsequently fixed the problem on newly built vehicles with a production change in 2003 and published a technical service bulletin in the fall of that year for dealers to address the issue.

The entire article is well worth reading, it gives a good picture of Toyota’s problems this year and how minor this one is.