DirecTV and DishNetwork File Suits

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One would expect to find major competitors at each other’s throats–but the circus that Dish Network and DirecTV have gotten themselves into is pretty incredible. The number two and three satellite television providers in the United States have been locked in a legal battle for a few months over the content of their advertisements.

The war of words over advertisement claims between the two satellite TV operators began last month when DirecTV lodged a complaint against Dish Network with a U.S. District Court.

In the complaint, DirecTV said Dish Network began running a nationwide television commercial, which falsely claimed that Dish charges significantly less than DirecTV for the same services.

My guess is that the likely benefactor of all of this skirmishing between these two companies is that ComCast Corp’s profits will rise. They’re the number one provider of satellite television in the U.S. and will come out looking as smooth as ever.